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Phase Ed: The Follicular Phase

Follicular Phase:

Technically, part of the follicular phase overlaps with menstruation, as an egg is being prepared in the ovaries at the same time bleeding occurs. Levels of a hormone known as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) being to rise, causing the ovaries to produce follicles, or sacs which hold an egg. One of these follicles will mature, causing a surge in estrogen. The lining of the uterus begins to grow once more. This is the time of the cycle when mood and energy are the highest. Generally, menstruators are feeling at their best.


Generally, very few! Those with PMDD may find that this is the only period of time where they feel relatively normal (although often exhausted from repeated cycles of dysfunction).


This is a great time to get things done - make plans with friends, exercise, clean & shop. I like to use this time to prepare for my upcoming luteal phase by meal planning, shopping for groceries, and preparing food. That way, when I'm not well, I have healthy food available to prepare with minimal effort. This is a good time for more vigorous exercise such as running or weightlifting. I enjoy power yoga at this time in my cycle.

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