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Please be aware that I am not a medical professional, anatomy specialist, personal trainer, or therapist. I am a certified yoga teacher (200hr). Please talk to your health team about recommendations for exercise for your specific body, or for any medical advice. If you need help finding a PMDD-informed practitioner, check out the Provider Director at IAPMD:


I aim to give as many safety cues and variations of the poses as possible, please listen to your body and do not attempt yoga poses that do not feel comfortable or are painful. I teach to the best of my ability with the best of intentions.


Any mental health advice or yoga philosophy that I share is anecdotal and comes from my own interpretation and my own experience. I cannot help you to treat or cure any conditions or injuries that you may have. I can only offer you encouragement for mindful movement, stories of my persona experience, and some food for thought that may help you to cope with your life circumstances.


Refunds for online classes will be issued on a case-by-case basis. It is your responsibility to show up for online class on time, and as classes will be emailed out for replay, if you miss a class you will not be reimbursed. I am willing to negotiate within reason, so please contact me if you have concerns. Rude behavior and derogatory comments will not be tolerated in the online classroom, on social media, or in any of the private groups. 

Thank you for understanding, I hope to support as many people as possible, and in order to do that I need to protect myself, my community, and my business from harm. 

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