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Why Practice Yoga Online?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

What are the benefits of taking yoga classes online?

If you're here, you already know that yoga has benefits for you. You've experienced them, after all!

Whether you've seen improvements in:

  • strength & flexibility

  • stress reduction

  • better sleep & improved libido (rawr!)

  • and/or general feelings of bliss

You already know that yoga feels great and benefits you in some important ways.

But why do yoga online, specifically?

  • How is online yoga different than a class in the studio?

  • Is online yoga "less than" studio yoga?

  • Why should you join a community when there's free yoga on YouTube?

Sure, there is a lot of free yoga out there. But how often do you find yourself taking the time out of your day to fire up YouTube and search for the perfect video? What is stopping you from dropping into the local studio for the next in-person class?

I have a few guesses. It might have something to do with lack of accountability, information overload, lack of connection, and fear of judgement. But guess what? Online yoga gets around all of these things!

​Here are some of the benefits of online yoga


  • You can do yoga in the comfort of your own home! ​

  • You can create a yoga space that suits your own personality

  • Encourages to you develop a regular at-home practice

  • You don't need to feel self-conscious about your body or "performance" if you're alone at home (I know many people feel this way in studio)

  • You can do yoga in your pajamas (or even in the nude, who cares?!)


  • You can participate in classes from anywhere, even if you're away from home or travelling (you can even download replays to watch out of wifi range)

  • If you miss a live class, you can catch up on the replay later (a huge benefit that you won't find in studio!)

  • You can take the same class again and again if you feel drawn to it, are struggling with a certain pose, or want to work on toning a specific muscle group


  • Committing to a weekly live class keeps you accountable to showing up

  • Sure, you can do free YouTube yoga whenever you like...but how often do you actually do that? (Be honest!)

  • A specific date & time keeps you committed to showing up on your mat, showing up for yourself, and showing up for your community

  • You get the benefit of a committed teacher and community to support you in your yoga journey


  • You get to join a community of people with similar interests, and who you can interact with online on a regular basis on Zoom & whenever you like on social media

  • You get to choose a teacher whose style you identify with & who knows your name and your personal goals

  • You can always contact me with your interests and questions

  • You get a circle of folks who support you in personal growth

  • You get to support others, too!

Now, there are some downsides do online yoga. The main point being, the teacher can't see you well enough to provide corrections for safety. I am very aware of this, and make a big effort to provide you with lots of cues for body positioning, options for modifications, and pointing out when I think there might be a risk for injury in certain poses. I also make sure to let you know that yoga should not hurt, and to listen to what your body is telling you.

That's not to say that we can't meet up in person for yoga! You can always contact me for in-person sessions, whether that is for private 1-/on-1 instruction, or for an event you're holding. Bachelorette? Girls' Weekend? Beach Yoga? Email me anytime at

Join me on Facebook & Instagram Mondays and Wednesdays at noon for live mini- classes or sign up for online classes with me to reap the benefits of your at-home practice!

Until next time, yogis!


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