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The Chakras

The first time I read Eckhart Tolle I *kind of* understood what he was getting at...but after studying yogic philosophy a bit further, and really embodying these concepts through the practice of yoga, I now feel like I understand "the power of now" much more deeply.

Yoga, for me, is spiritual, but not in the same way as religion. Yoga helps me to feel connected both to my own humanness, but to all living and non-living things. As we have been exploring the chakras over the past few weeks, I realize that they may come off as spiritual nonsense to some. But you don't have to take everything literally.

Personally, I don't believe there are brightly-coloured spinning discs of energy inside my body. But this image gives me a mental anchor to explore the themes of each chakra. I can focus on the lower half of my body, when contemplating the muladhara chakra for example, and think, do I feel grounded, stable, and safe? How might I use my body or my actions to feel this way?

Science now tells us that trauma is stored within the body, and that physical movement can help us to release both emotional and physical in having the chakras as a frame of reference, we can explore the relationship between our emotional mind and physical body. When we do this, we become more attuned and aligned with ourselves.

It isn't necessarily about perfectly opening or balancing these mystical energy centres, but more about being willing to tune into how we are feeling in the present moment...and that is a powerful force for change in our lives!



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