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You are not alone.

Living with PMDD is really tough, and we can be so hard on ourselves. 
You deserve to take time for self-love & self-care, and I'm here to help.
Drop your details below and I'll send you my free Yoga For Your PMDD Cycle series!
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Do You Currently...

  • Often feel like your mind & body are out of control?
  • Often feel overwhelmed by strong emotions?
  • Experience premenstrual pain & inflammation?
  • Have low self-esteem & get stuck in negative self-talk?
  • Feel unworthy of self-care & self-love?
  • Struggle to maintain a self-care/movement/exercise routine?

Would You Like To...

  • Improve your relationship with your mind & body?
  • Learn to create a safe space for your emotions to pass though you?
  • Learn yoga poses that can reduce pain & inflammation?
  • Improve your self-esteem & reduce negative thought spirals?
  • Feel worthy of taking time for yourself for rest, relaxation, or fitness?
  • Develop a self-care/movement/exercise routine that meets your unique needs as someone with PMDD?

Watch the video below to learn more
about why yoga is an amazing tool for those of us with PMDD!

The Jist:

  • PMDD is a mind-body illness; yoga is a mind-body practice 
  • The purpose of yoga to "calming the fluctuations of the mind"
  • Yoga is the practice of accepting & loving ourselves as we already are
  • Yoga & meditation have measurable effects on the brain & body
  • Physical postures boost GABA & meditation boosts serotonin & dopamine
  • Studies show that yoga reduces severity of physical symptoms of PMS & PMDD such as pain, bloating, & breast tenderness, and improves menstrual irregularity while reducing blood loss
  • Yoga Nidra has been found to reduce severity of depression & anxiety in those with menstrual disorders

What's Included?

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FREE Access to the
Yoga For Your PMDD Cycle Series

  • FOUR classes designed for each phase of your PMDD cycle
  • Short but effective practices; each class is 20-30 minutes long 
  • Curated playlists to suit your mood & energy levels
  • On-demand & lifetime access; come back to again & again

BONUS Access to a
Guided Meditation for PMDD

  • Free 35-minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation specifically for PMDD
  • Designed to guide you into deep states of rest & relaxation
  • Easiest yoga ever: just lie down, put on your headphones, and listen
  • Studies show that this type of meditation can reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety in those with menstrual disorders

FREE Weekly Email with
PMDD Resources & Yoga Practices

  • Friday freebies sent to your inbox for your weekend pleasure
  • Ongoing PMDD tips, education, resources, printables, & more 
  • More free yoga & meditation practices as they are developed
  • Exclusive discounts on upcoming events, classes, & courses

BONUS Access to an

On-Demand PMDD Resource Library

  • Access to a hidden page on this website that holds ALL the freebies!
  • Easily find free yoga & meditation practices when you need them
  • Updated regularly with new practices & resources 
  • Includes invite to exclusive Facebook Group for PMDD Warrior Yogis
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About Catherine

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I'm a certified yoga teacher. I have struggled with chronic & mental illness throughout my life, including PMDD, ADHD, depression, & anxiety. 

Yoga has not magically solved all my problems (sorry to disappoint you) but it has helped me to improve my relationship with myself, which was very much damaged by my health conditions. 

I'm passionate about the intersection between yoga & mental health and aim to help others to utilize yoga & meditation to find self-acceptance and self-love.
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