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The Ultimate PMDD Warrior Cycle Tracker & Journal is exactly what it sounds like!


I created this workbook in preparation for my upcoming course, but I knew it would be helpful to so many people that I decided to make it a FREE resource in honour of Premenstrual Disorders Awareness Month!


There are two ways to use this simple PDF workbook:


1) Download the file to your computer and print it (either at home or using an online service) and put it in a pretty binder. You can fill it out daily by hand, and when you're done, you can just print a fresh copy! The printable pages are designed to be easy on your ink levels!


2) Download the file to your computer, save a copy to your desktop, and edit it daily. The bonus thing about doing it this way is that I have already set it up for you so that your Daily Tracker symptom ratings automatically populate the Weekly Tracker! You'll still have to add up the week total (l guess PDFs don't like to do math, either!) but when you put in the entries, those will automatically populate the Monthly Tracker. I recommend saving 2 copies initially; an empty "fresh" copy to keep, and the one you're working on. You can use the "fresh" copy to make subsequent files for future cycles.


There are 28 dated Daily Tracker & Daily Journal pages; but because our cycles can sometimes run a little long, I have included an extra undated page of each for you to create copies of as needed.


What's Inside:

4 Cover Design Options

Welcome Letter (from yours truly!)

Instructions + How To Use

About Your Cycle + About Your Symptoms

Weekly Phase Overview (with tips for coping with symptoms)

Self-Care Ideas List (with space to add your own)

Journal Prompt List (with space to add your own)

28 + 1 Daily Tracker Pages (with 28 inspiring quotes)

28 + 1 Journal Tracker Pages (PDF includes a scroll function)

4 Weekly Tracker Pages (PDF auto-fills your data!)

1 Monthly Tracker Page (PDF auto-fills your data!)

1 Doodle Page (for funsies!)

& More!The daily quotes are tailored to where you're at in your cycle, including quotes by Daniell Koepke, Brene Brown, Maya Angelou, Eartha Kitt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Marie Curie!


You will be emailed a link to the PDF; you have 30 days to download the file, but once it's downloaded it's yours forever!

The Ultimate PMDD Warrior Cycle Tracker & Journal

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